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Willoughby Street 

Somerville, MA

Installed 2015


This Neighborway connects the High School and City Hall  with Davis Square via the Community and a series of quiet local streets. 

This Neighborway runs westbound from School Street along  Montrose Street, Willoughby, through Junction Park and on to the Community Path via Woodbine Street. 

A parallel route runs east bound starting at Spencer Ave and Hancock Street. 

process + design
  • 3 community meetings

  • 10 youth, 30 adults 

  • 1 build day 

  • Pro-Tip/ Lessons Learned: Outreach methods, etc. 

hyper link to 2-type document 

  • traffic calming

  • connection to neighbors

  • more front yard parties 


Current status?
  •   repainted in spring 2016



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