Hancock Street 

Somerville, MA


Year Started: 2017


Hancock Street first started meeting in the summer of 2014 to discuss low cost traffic calming measures for the street. In 2017 the group was re-energized and several meetings were held to discuss possibilities for the street. A first step was the introduction of crosswalk painting & two-way biking treatments. Data is currently being collected on how these are working.

The residents continue to work on ways to calm traffic and make their street more livable.


Get Involved

The community is currently looking for a resident to help lead repainting this street, or leading a new design process for the street. Contact us for more information. 

Hancock Street- Crosswalks & Cycling Treatment

2017 Public Meeting/ Kennedy School

2014 Lemonade Social 

2018 potluck/ Photo credit: randifreundlichphotography.com

Creating a Network